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제품현지화 ( Localization)

- 외국어 디자인을 위한 서체 변환 : 일러스트레이션, 포토샵에서 활용가능한 서체로 변환.

- 외국어 카다로그 등 인쇄 출판 : DTP & Localization services for all foreign languages (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Turkish, Greek, Kurdish, Sorani, Urdu, Dari, Pashto…Etc)

- 외국어 웹사이트 제작 : 일반 디자이너가 다루기 힘든 외국어 Font로 사이트 제작.

Localization Cycle
The following diagram shows our standard localization cycle:

100% Native L10N & T9N
“ In Country ? In House Production ” As two of the most rapidly expanding international markets, many eyes are now turning towards the Middle East & Africa. Localization is the key to placing a product in a prime position in the market. At the pinnacle of any localization project is the translation; our well-established in-country presence in the region gives FutureTrans the local insight to open the gate for you to this market. FutureTrans employs over 90 highly qualifiedandexperiencedin-housespecialiststaffincludingmorethan50 full-time experienced native-speaker translators, and they are based in our offices,whicharespreadthroughouttheregion,inEgypt,UAE,Iran, and Turkey, giving us a very strong global in-country presence. All our translators have specialized in working in one or more of the following fields:IT,e- Learning,telecommunications,automotive,financial,medical,orlegal
Project Management